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Survive the Drive

80% of car crashes are attributed to a driver being distracted or not paying attention.  Cell phone usage is the 2nd largest cause of distracted driving. The need for people to Take a Pledge to refrain from cell phone usage while the car is in operation has never been greater. The Survive the Drive Pledge Pouch is just the thing to help. Watch videos of the pledge pouch in action (and some really cute kids explaining to their parents why it's important to take the pledge).

The Pledge Pouch was inspired by a distracted driving accident in Virginia. At the age of 19, Grace's life was forever changed during a few seconds of distracted driving. She lost control of her car which flipped several times. She was thrown from the vehicle. As if angels had placed her there, she landed in a pile of leaves. Can you imagine being ejected from a car that is flipping out of control at the speed of 70 miles per hour and landing in a pile of leaves.

A witness of the accident thought for sure she would be dead. Her car was tumbling fast in the same direction right towards her, and would have landed on her, had it not been stopped by a telephone pole and a tree.

The first officer to arrive, judging by the scene of the accident, was sure he would be reporting a fatality. By the grace of God, Grace's life was spared. She suffered 7 broken vertebrae. T2 through T8. Miraculously, she was up and walking with a back brace just 3 days after the accident occurred. 

(unfinished - interview to follow)








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