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About Hiptäge

Welcome to Hiptäge, a lifestyle brand offering unique products featuring designs by talented artists and graphic designers.

How do you say Hiptäge? The word Hiptäge is a combination of the words Hip and Vintage. The last syllable is pronounced, täj, in the same way you’d say garage. Sounds like Hip-täj. 

What do you sell? Currently, mostly Tees, Totes, Carry All Pouches and Hoodies. Soon we will be adding a unique array of USA MADE home decor items.

What makes Hiptäge unique? All of our items are profit shared between the creators and the collaborators who help us market them. 

We do storewide fundraisers!We love to help raise money for good causes. Storewide fundraisers help you raise more money. During our fundraising campaigns, supporters can save 10%, purchase any items storewide, and support the cause of their choice. To save 10% and support a great cause CLICK HERE.

What do the 7 g's in your logo stand for? Hiptäge is built upon on a positive g philosophy. There are 7 g's at the core of Hiptäge just like you see in our logo. Together they embody our passion for gratitudegiving and desire to spotlight the gifts in others. There are many generous and talented people in this world who are doing good things. They are creating beautiful works of art through photography, videography, art, music, dance, and trade. We showcase these “greats” to raise awareness about the good going on around us, to provide you with a great way to get in on the act of helping those in need, and have groovy products delivered to your door.

We are grateful you stopped by and appreciate you sharing Hiptäge with your friends and family

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