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Influencer Program


Being a Hiptäge Influencer is easier than you may think, and the perks are pretty sweet! You don't need a lot of fans or followers to make a great one. You only need the desire to help a really good cause and dedicate 2 to 5 minute blocks of time to make a major impact.

If you can:

1) Press a share button


2) Send a text or email

then you can be an excellent Influencer!


Hiptage influencer, best fundraiser


1) Post pictures of our Tees or other products that will resonate with your audiences on your social media channels. Even better if you or your pets are wearing them!

2) Send direct Text messages or emails to the product links you think your friends and family will like the most.

For example; send the Vegan design to your Vegan friends and the Pit bull designs to your Pit bull advocates. 

3) Let people know WHY you like to support that particular cause. Share stories about what the cause has accomplished. Share the reasons why this particular cause is near and dear to your heart. People love to help. Hiptäge is a way they can support a good cause and  get groovy products delivered to their door : )




Influencers will receive a personal 10% Promo Code to share with their audience, friends and family. This is how we know which orders were generated by you.

Influencers will also receive a 30% Promo Code for their own personal purchases. This will allow them to purchase products for their influential posts at discounted prices. NOTE: This is NOT the code to be shared with your audience, friends or family.

Influencers will receive 1 complimentary Tee for every dozen sold. Products earned can be used for personal use or as gifts or prizes. You'll need to reach 5 sales sales for your personal 30% discount to activate.

After a campaign ends, influencers will continue to receive a 30% discount for 3 additional months.

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